Feel the silence

Noise –
the underestimated danger

Our ears are one of the most vital senses. We sense different sounds, talk and music but also perceive unwanted noise pollution which is the most underestimated stressor in today’s society. Noise pollution may severely affect the health in the long run. Especially noise interference in the job influences the productiveness significantly. Not only the work efficiency decreases but also the motivation.

Enhance the acoustical comfort

Therefore the improvement of acoustical properties is of fundamental importance for office spaces: because noise influences not only the motivation and efficiency but also the health of the employees. The acoustic tested collection of Gebrüder Munzert offers intelligent constructions for many different applications. The fabrics enhance the acoustical comfort of a room noticeably which provides a much better interior climate.

Discover our acoustical engineered fabric collection!

Fall in love with our fabrics. And with the silence they create.

Our acoustic tested fabrics are marked with a distinctive signet. The inherently flame retardant constructions meet the highest technical requirements to ensure safe comfort. Both, residential and corporate areas can be furnished securely.

Different applications for acoustic effective fabrics

Acoustic Line

The Gebrüder Munzert „Acoustic Line“ combines the spirit of modern architecture with the inventive possibilities a jacquard mill has to offer. A wide variety of soft shimmering solids, contemporary stripe variations, striking patterns and subtle clipped designs establish freedom for creativity. The inherently flame retardant fabrics compel not only by their beautiful looks but also enhance the acoustical room comfort significantly. The joined use of special noise reducing yarns and intelligent sound absorbing weaves even enables semi sheer constructions to become severe masters of sound with αw results of 0,65 to impress. Awarded with the German Design Award 2020 in the category “Home Textiles and Home Accessories”, the solution for a universal problem never looked as good.

NEW: Our first acoustic fabric made of sustainable yarns

The SENSUS fabrics FR Eco Noise and FR Eco Spectrum mark the next level of environmental technical solutions. The intelligent fabric constructions use at least 70 % recycled post-consumer Polyester to enhance the acoustical room comfort significantly.

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