Technically outstanding, sensorially pleasant, ecologically valuable and now awarded with German Brand Award 2023


You know Gebrüder Munzert – SENSUS is new

Ecologically valuable

Sustainable materials and the concious avoidance of chemical finishing processes determines the focus of every product development.


Softness, color brilliance and a wide variety of shades are essential for the product range

Outstanding performance

Added values and high durability define our fabrics

With SENSUS we form a paradigm change for the production of textiles.

A new brand with a clear focus and keen objectives: the best and most sustainable fabrics we have ever created. With all our hearts, engineering skills and decades of experience dedicated to unique fabric constructions but without greenwashing. That’s a firm promise.

SENSUS pledges for:

– Timeless fabric creations that consist of at least 50 % sustainable components
– The deliberate avoidance of chemical finishing processes
– Added values created by intelligent fabric constructions
– Commercially reproductible textiles
– Easy maintenance
– Local sourcing and finishing
– 100 % made in Upper Franconia, right in the heart of Germany
– Straightforward products and definitely no greenwashing

SENSUS fabric collections

ECO und FR-Newlife