Outstanding performance, sensorially
pleasing and ecologically valuable

SENSUS fabric collection FR-Newlife

We take a tough stance

The continuous enhancement manifests itself in a comprehensive company’s philosophy: with reason, foresight and sensible decisions we aim towards an exclusively sustainable product portfolio.

SENSUS Upcycling Prozess

Without greenwashing, they provide reliable answers to the question: how can home textiles be reinvented to preserve resources? We’ve created a wide range of products that impress by their superior performance properties in combination with an authentic well-being for all senses.

One fabric collection, infinite uses

The inherently flame-retardant fabrics are salt water- and chlorine resistant. Some of them are even certified in accordance to the IMO regulations (Oceanwater Resistance DIN EN ISO 105-E02 Remark 5, Chlorinewater Resistance DIN EN ISO 105-E03 Remark 4-5), so they are an easy to use performance accessories for the cruise ship industry as well.