Comfortable indoor haptics with highly technical outdoor fabric properties

Conventional fabrics cannot withstand aggressive sunrays for long – they fade and become porous after a very short time. Our Indoor & outdoor collection unites comfortable indoor haptic characteristics with the highly technical properties of an outdoor fabric. Due to the innovative colour pigments embedded in the fibre, fading is excluded as far as possible even in case of intensive UV-radiation.

The colourant is embedded only in the outermost layer. Solar radiation destroys this colour layer and the white inside becomes visible. In contrast to that, Gebrüder Munzert Outdoor yarns can be compared with a carrot. The pigments are present to the core. Sun rays cannot adversely affect the hard-wearing acrylic yarn.

Ordinary polyester fabrics after exposure to light of 2500 hours – the colour is almost completely faded in the area exposed to light. The fibre is porous and extremely easy to tear. 100 % solution-dyed polyacrylic in comparison. The colour is untarnished. The fibre remains stable and shows high resistance to tear, even after long exposure to light.

Overview of characteristics:

Use of 100 % solution-dyed polyacrylic
Salt water resistant
Perspiration resistant
Chlorine resistant (pool water)
Resistant to yellowing
No fading
Extremely high fastness to light*
UV rays are absorbed up to 60 % depending on the quality
Moth and termite resistant
No pilling
No mould formation
Excellent maintenance properties

 (* over 2500 xenon light hours or fastness to light 7-8)