by Gebrüder Munzert


Unusual fabrics

Our PIVOT fabric collections offer sustainable quality combined with high end fabric performance. PIVOT fabrics feel great to the touch and thanks to their characteristics provide a real feel-good experience.

Highest design quality

The characteristic design of the PIVOT collection reflects an attitude towards life. It is timeless and independent, yet always in touch with the latest trends. PIVOT collections make an impression with modern fabric textures, attractive basics and striking patterns. One thing is always recognisable; the clear design language of PIVOT fabrics.

Modularity for the most creative freedom

The modular structure of the PIVOT collections enables the creation of an individual mix of upholstery fabrics, which can be tailored to every requirement. Discover and play with the variety of mix and match options all PIVOT Origami and PIVOT Soft collections provide. Or combine PIVOT fabrics with items from the Munzert Classic collection.

PURE PASSION – Style in perfection

With Pure Passion we define modularity anew.

Pure Passion is the charismatically different upholstery fabric for free spirits and individualists. The sophisticated use of open and natural weaves creates an exceptional softness. By its trichroism Pure Passion significantly differentiates from all previous PIVOT-fabrics. The fabric melds harmoniously muted colors with daring contrast shades in just one range.

Pure Passion either highlights other fabric constructions in a complementary fashion or prominently claims the center stage for itself, while lacking none of the well-established “Pure” performance features.

So uniquely modifiable, Pure Passion represents style in perfection.

PURE BALANCE – A symbiosis of function and emotion

Pure Balance combines the unique attributes of our established “Pure” fabric collection with an upcycled natural yarn component to craft an inventive performance fabric that enhances the well-being tremendously.

The intelligent combination of natural and artificial fibers as well as the conscious avoidance of chemical finishing processes creates the signature for this sustainable fabric construction. Pure Balance intrigues with exceptional durability while preserving resources in the most comprehensive way.

With Pure Balance, considered designwork forms a novel performance fabric. The lab tested construction with breathable and temperature regulating characteristics allows for unprecedented upholstery applications.

Pure Touch – Enjoy with all your senses

With the launch of our premium brand PIVOT, Gebr. Munzert proofed to focus not only on sophisticated and innovative fabric constructions but to emphasize the performance and lifestyle.

With the new PIVOT product line “Pure Touch” we are now introducing fabrics that inspire all of your senses.

The new product line “Pure Touch” is a consequent enhancement of the unique PIVOT fabric constructions. Pure Touch is not distracted by current trends, it sets its own trend.

Pure Touch touches by consistency from design and production to finish (“PURE”). Traditional manufacturing techniques and the conscious avoidance of chemical processes create exceptional softness. (“TOUCH”).

The pure and elaborated consistency makes Pure Touch so unique, attractive and innovative.

Soft Origami

The unique fabrics from the origami collection impress by their extraordinary 3D effects. The inventive upholstery fabric “Soft Origami” was inspired by the Japanese origami technique.

Soft Basic | Soft Duo

The fabric creations from the PIVOT Soft collection speak for themselves. They represent a unique combination of timeless design, fashionable colors and convincing quality features.
PIVOT Soft offers a special sense of well-being, generated by coordinated textures and unique soft touch. With their extreme durability and high lightfastness, they set new standards in the area of upholstery textiles. The extensive variety of colors enables you to implement your individual design ideas and create extraordinary pieces of furniture.
Be inspired and discover the countless possibilities the PIVOT Soft collection has to offer.

More information about our “Soft Collection” can be found on the PIVOT website.