Outstanding performance, sensorially
pleasing and ecologically valuable

SENSUS fabric collection ECO

Reinventing tradition

For thousands of years, the land of the rising sun has been inspiring a variety of trends with its rich culture and down to earth simplicity – be it through colors, shapes or traditional handicraft techniques such as macramé. The art of knotting, which originated in the Orient, is considered to be the precursor of modern day knitting and weaving techniques and uses a wide range of different knots to create elaborately designed decorations, ornaments, jewelry and furnishings.
Adapting this original manufacturing process to the spirit of modernity has been the provocative aim of our creative department, because as the Arabic origin of the word „migramah“ already implies, figuratively it is a matter of weaving – so the ambition for us was to industrially produce such graceful splendor, resulting in a subtle reinterpretation of the macramé technique with the Eco fabrics from the SENSUS line.

Orient meets Occident

With Eco Dimension we take three-dimensionality to the next level. Organic jacquard patterns are both detailed and mysterious at the same time. The unique articles allow for a perfectly color coordinated living environment in the boho-style. Vibrant one-of-a-kind solid constructions complete the high-performance product range. As with all of our developments, the essential merits and the good feeling of carefully shaping the future with consistent sustainability are most convincing attributes for our SENSUS textiles.

Round and round in circles

All of our Eco fabrics are made from 100% polyester and are therefore free from impurities. After their life as precious SENSUS textile, they can easily be restored into another recycling process.
Our constructions are in compliance with Ökotex Standard 100 and engineered according to firm principles: outstanding performance, sensorially pleasing and ecologically valuable – that’s what SENSUS stands for. The Eco line contains of at least 50% recycled components.